Nyankomasi Ahenkro Midwife win Central Regional Best Midwife Award


There is a saying that “hard work pays” and this has manifested itself one again, An intelligent, innovative and a hardworking Seventh Day Adventist Lady Mrs. Regina Amanda Gyamera Hagan who works with Nyankomasi Ahenkro Health Center in the Assin South District has been crowned as the Best and Innovative Midwife in the whole central region.
The Award was based on the capabilities ,innovations and the skills as a midwife and how beneficial is it to the health facility, aside the normal responsibilities of every midwife in the whole country.

Mrs. Amanda Gyamera Hagan in her own wisdom has instituted a Pregnancy School in the whole Assin South District. The aim is to education the pregnant women on the need to attend to antenatal care, deliver at a health facility and also post natal care.
In an interview she said, the fight against maternal motality and still birth is not over because the education on pregnancy and it associated dangers has not reached all Ghanaians, so that influenced her decision of establishing the Pregnancy School.
Due to the lack of Radiant Heater at the health center, she has made “An improvised Radiant Heater “ with a wood and 100watt BULB to produce heat to a newborn baby anytime the need arises .
Challenges :

Mrs. Gyamera Hagan said, being a midwife at a health center is problematic because there is nothing like shift system which use to happen in the major hospitals, we are at the workplace day in day out. She said, the life of the pregnant mother, the unborn baby and the entire family relies on the midwife on duty which sometimes poses as a threat to the profession.

She also mentioned the last minute attendance to a health facility by pregnant women as a major challenge facing midwives in the country.

The Award was held at Bolgatanga on the international day of the midwives on the 5 of may.

The International Day of the Midwives was first celebrated May 5th 1991, and has since been observed in over 50 nations around the world.

The idea of having a day to recognize and honor midwives came out of the 1987 International Confederation of Midwives conference in the Netherlands.

source: odoomprince linford Gameboy/nkwafm